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The Story of Let's Go Guang

The Story of Guang the Chinese Dragon

guang the dragonLet’s Go Guang! a Chinese Learning Program for Children, is a series of animated stories about a sister and brother named Ling and Kai. They love to play with their friends, visit their grandparents and most of all, go on adventures! One lucky day, they meet a Chinese dragon named Guang. Guang is a fun-loving Chinese dragon, who teaches Ling and Kai how to speak Mandarin Chinese and do other cool stuff like Chinese gong fu! Through Guang, we also meet his gong fu master, Master Long, and Tao Tao, the sneaky monkey. Together Ling, Kai, and Guang have lots of fun together and learn Chinese along the way! As a bonus, you’ll also learn how to make delicious Chinese dumplings together with kids in a segment with live footage.