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Chinese Language for Kids

Daily Candy - "Gift of Gab"



Gift of Gab

Let's Go Guang! Chinese for Children Learning Kit

Kids New York - December 14, 2009


Trips to the park are so last playdate. Now Junior and his pals demand dim sum Sundays.

Translate his love for Far East cuisine into real-world language skills with the Let’s Go Guang! Chinese for Children learning kit. The brainchild of two Chinese-American moms, it teaches Mandarin Chinese through engaging multimedia.
An animated DVD follows the adventures of a brother-sister duo (Kai and Ling) and their dragon friend (Guang) while prompting sing-alongs and phrase repetition. Also included: a storybook, CD, and beautifully illustrated flashcards with vocabulary words and Chinese characters tied in to the DVD.

It’s perfect for your little dumpling.

Available at 192 Books, 192 Tenth Avenue, at 21st Street (212-255-4022); online at ahachinese.com.