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Kids learn Mandarin Chinese with the Let's Go Guang! 
Chinese for Children Series

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Let’s Go Guang! Chinese for Children is a multiple award-winning series designed to teach children Chinese as a second language. Each volume is packaged as a multimedia kit, which includes DVD, hardcover storybook with audio CD, flashcards and parent/educator guide. Some components are also available individually.

aha!Chinese developed Let’s Go Guang! Chinese for Children in conjunction with linguists, educators, parents and kids. The series uses aha!Chinese’s bridge to immersion method of instruction and methodically introduces Chinese words and phrases within an English context.

Kids learn Chinese by practicing useful expressions they can use in everyday life. The materials introduce and repeat new words and phrases, each building on what was learned in the preceding volumes until “immersion” is achieved.

Children ages 2-8 will benefit most from Let’s Go Guang! However, anyone who wishes to learn Mandarin Chinese will also enjoy the series. Between the lovable characters, high quality graphics, and memorable songs, children the world over are using Let’s Go Guang! to learn Chinese.

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Let’s Go Guang! Chinese for Children Learning Kit includes:

  • DVD: Animated video featuring Chinese-American sister and brother duo, Ling and Kai, and their family. The series revolves around the kids’ special relationship with Guang, the Chinese dragon. Each story is broken up by “commercial breaks”-- mini-lessons and songs that focus on key phrases taught in the story. Each volume repeats the vocabulary learned in the previous one and adds approximately 50-60 new Chinese words, phrases and expressions.

Each DVD also includes a live-action feature that focuses on some element of Chinese culture, such as making dumplings or lanterns.

  • Book with Audio CD: The tales in the books closely mirror that of the animated videos. The read-along CD includes a lively narration of the story and songs from the DVD. Mandarin Chinese is presented along with English, in both a Romanized form of Chinese called pinyin.

  • Flashcards/Playing Cards: The flashcards/playing cards cover the Chinese words, phrases and expressions in the DVD and book. Used as typical flashcards or to play memory and other games, the cards reinforce the material in a way that provides hands-on learning. They come complete with suggestions for use, including additional games.

  • Parent and Educator Guide: This guide includes tips on how to read Chinese pinyin, a listing of all of the vocabulary taught in the episode, song lyrics and suggestions for how to get the most out of your learning kit.

Multiple Award-Winning Let’s Go Guang: Chinese for Children Series

Volume 1: (currently available) Meet Guang the Chinese Dragon. In this first volume of the series, we meet Ling and Kai and learn about their chance encounter with Guang the dragon during a visit to see their grandparents. Kids learn over 50 common everyday words, phrases and expressions. The volume also explores Chinese culture: Chinese gong fu, the famous Shaolin Monastery in China and Chinese dumplings—a popular dish.

Volume 2: (NOW AVAILABLE!) Journey to the Terracotta City. In this second volume, Ling and Kai travel back in time to ancient China where they help Guang complete his mission for Master Long. In addition to reviewing the 50 words and expressions covered in Volume 1, kids will learn approximately 60 new words and expressions, including colors and more numbers. They also learn about Qin Shihuang—China’s first emperor, the terracotta soldiers he created, and about Chinese lanterns and their importance in Chinese history.

Volumes 3 & 4 (Coming soon)

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