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Mandarin Chinese Learning System

Let’s Go Guang! Chinese for Children, is a language program developed by aha!Chinese in conjunction with linguists and educators and tested by parents and kids. The series uses aha!Chinese’s Migration to Immersion, MTIM™, method of instruction in which Chinese words and phrases are methodically introduced within an English environment. New phrases are continuously introduced and each episode builds on the words and phrases learned in the episodes preceding it until the end of the series at which point “immersion” is achieved. The target age is for children 2-8 years old, however anyone who wishes to learn Mandarin Chinese will also enjoy the series. Each episode is packaged together as part of a multimedia Mandarin Chinese learning system. Our online Talking Dictionary and Downloadable Songs will be Available Soon!

The first component is an animated series, which features a Chinese-American sister and brother team, Ling and Kai. The story revolves around their special relationship with Guang, the Chinese Dragon. Through the series, you and your children will learn Mandarin Chinese and will explore Chinese culture, both in China and in America. In addition to the animated story, Chinese lessons are interspersed throughout the story, and use repetition and music to focus on key phrases spoken in the story. Each episode also has live narrated footage of some aspect of Chinese history and culture, whether it is a historical landmark, holiday, Chinese school, marketplace, food, etc.   Through use of video as a medium, children learn both visually and aurally. The video allows us to place certain words and phrases in contexts that would otherwise be impossible to recreate with any other medium.

The second and third components of the aha!Chinese Mandarin Chinese learning system are an audio CD and storybook, whose tale closely mirrors that of the animated video. The read along CD features a lively narration of the story and songs from the DVD. Mandarin Chinese is presented along with English, in a Romanized form called Chinese pinyin, making it readable for non-Chinese speakers. There is a guide in the back of the book that illustrates the Chinese character that corresponds to the Chinese pinyin.  The book serves to reinforce the lessons learned in the video. While some children learn best visually, others enjoy reading books, or being read to, over and over again.

A fourth component is a set of flashcards, which include the Mandarin Chinese vocabulary words and phrases used in the story.  These cards can be used as typical flashcards or to play games such as a matching memory game to reinforce the material in a fun way that provides hands on learning.

Each episode teaches about Chinese history and culture, through visits to famous Chinese landmarks, different Chinese foods and simply through the interactions of the “Let’s Go Guang!” family members themselves. 

In the first episode of the series, Meet Guang, the Chinese Dragon, we meet Ling and Kai and learn about their chance encounter with Guang the Dragon during a visit to see their grandparents. We learn over 45 common everyday basic words, phrases and numbers. We also explore Chinese Gong Fu and the popular Chinese meal of dumplings.   

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