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Let’s Go Guang! Chinese for Children

2011 ALA Booklist Review

“This entertaining first volume in a Chinese-language-instruction series teaches words and phrases (greetings, pronouns, numbers, and more) through colorful animation and songs. While visiting their grandparents, siblings Ling and Kai meet friendly dragon Guang, who tells them about his past and plans to meet with them again. The characters’ dialogue, in English, includes words and phrases in Mandarin (“I’m a dragon, lóng“). Scenes are broken up with “Mini-Lessons“ which repeat and reinforce vocabulary. Each lesson concludes with a song featuring Chinese lyrics set to familiar tunes, including “Three Blind Mice.“ Characters sometimes ask viewers directly to repeat Chinese words. The DVD menu allows youngsters to watch just the “Mini-Lessons“ and extras include a live-action cooking demonstration. Unfortunately, terms are not captioned onscreen, but a hardcover book... of the same name includes a CD and vocabulary list with words in Pinyin, English, and Chinese characters. Mandarin Chinese is a difficult language to learn, and this charming set is a good way to acquaint youngsters with simple Chinese words and phrases.”

-Eloise Kinney
American Library Association

2010 Mom's Choice Awards, Gold Award for Educational Products

-Mom's Choice Awards

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iParenting Media Award, November 2009

Disney Internet Group

Dr. Toy’s Ten Best Educational Products, October 2009
Dr. Toy’s 100 Best Children Products, October 2009

-Dr. Toy
Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D

“This is a wonderful way for the entire family along with the children to learn the language of Mandarin Chinese. This is a fantastic box set that includes helpful flash cards, a guide for parents or teachers, a colorful illustrated storybook with audio CD and the DVD of episode one. Your children will enjoy the fantastic story as they learn the Chinese words and phrases such as hello and goodbye, the names for grandparents and parents and much more. To help them remember and practice what they have been taught there are the flash cards that show how the words are written in Chinese, the Chinese word and the definition in English. It’s a great way to add this wonderful language to your children’s vocabulary. We understand by studies that children are able to learn many languages at an early age. From the people at aha!Chinese™, this collection of helpful tools will get you and your youngsters started in the world of bi-lingual knowledge. It’s a great set for parents and teachers alike. We award the episode one collection the Dove "Family Approved" Seal for all ages.”
-The Dove Foundation

“I liked that both English and Chinese were used to introduce the kids to Mandarin. This method maintains their interest better than some total immersion DVDs, where there are too many new words that they can’t understand, which can result in boredom & frustration. I also liked that the DVD added an element of Chinese culture, with the Grandfather’s Kung Fu and the story of the Dragon. My girls especially liked the short clip at the end, where real-life children were learning to make Chinese dumplings from scratch. My girls are now looking forward to making Chinese dumplings themselves someday. My daughters, ages 5 & 7, have been taking Mandarin classes for a while, so the Mandarin words used were not new to them. Despite this, they really enjoyed the DVD. They also liked the storybook, too. For me, it was refreshing to find a high-quality, entertaining DVD program that teaches Mandarin Chinese to English-speaking kids.”
Asian American Blogger

“After years of searching for a good product to help my children learn Mandarin, I’ve finally found the perfect combination with ’Let’s Go Guang! Chinese for Children.’ aha!Chinese’s new multimedia system, which includes a colorful book, fun DVD video, CD and flashcards, is fantastic! Unlike other Mandarin products for children, which focus on only teaching a few nouns per video, this product introduces and integrates useful phrases within an English context so ideas and concepts are mastered in a natural way. Each lessons also builds on phrases learned in prior lessons. Using both animation and live video, the DVD holds the interest of young children with songs, games, colorful animation, and cultural lessons. The flashcards also have Chinese, pinyin and English. As a parent, I highly recommend this product to anyone who would like to share the gift of language with their children. My kids love learning with Guang, Ling and Kai!”
-C. Mar
Mother of 2

“I really like Let’s Go Guang! I’m always looking for Chinese materials to recommend to the parents of the kids I teach and tutor. This kit has everything you need to for kids to learn beginning Chinese. I especially like how the Chinese is taught with the English. This program is really interesting for kids.”
-Jane Lin
Chinese Teacher & Tutor

“As a mother of 3 young children, I was thrilled to see this new product available. My children love the DVD and always choose to listen to the CD in the car. The variety of multimedia; flashcards, book, DVD, and CD reinforce their learning. After only watching a few times they are already singing the songs and using their Chinese! It’s surprising to see how quickly they learn with such a comprehensive collection of materials to teach them Mandarin Chinese. Would highly recommend this product to anyone (young or old) who is interested in learning Mandarin.”
-N. Bao
Mother of 3

“This is a beautifully presented Mandarin Chinese program for kids. It includes a fun to watch animated DVD, which got my kids repeating Chinese phrases after just one viewing! It also includes a CD of the songs in the video, a book, and flash cards that can be used for review or games! My kids loved watching the video and singing the songs. My 6 year old daughter picked up the flash cards and started reading them on her own after watching the video! They now love watching the video over and over. I highly recommend it!”
-J. Kessinger
Mother of 2

“I learned about this language program from one of my pre-K students who was speaking Mandarin extremely well and couldn’t stop talking about Guang the dragon. I was delighted with the complete boxed set. I show the kids sections of the DVD at a time and show the mini-lessons repeatedly since they love the songs. My students naturally repeat the Chinese as it’s presented in the DVD. The flashcards are really popular with the kids since we play the Memory Game with them. I’ve also recommended ’Let’s Go Guang! Chinese for Children’ to the parents of my students as a fun way to supplement our lessons at home.”
-K. Chang
Pre-K Teacher

“I bought Guang the Chinese Dragon set for my nephew who just turned 3. He loves it! He watched the entire DVD as soon as his Mom put it in the DVD player! My nephew has quite a vocabulary and is very interested when his aunt and uncle teach him Chinese. I’ve looked at many learning materials to give him - books, CDs, DVDs, etc - for children for more than a year, including when I was overseas. Many of the other learning materials out there are either poorly produced, not very interactive or engaging for children, or they are too difficult for children and their parents to follow, especially the materials developed for native speakers. Let’s Go Guang! is very different - it is engaging, with lively characters - including Guang the Dragon - to capture kids’ interest, and uses effective teaching methods like songs, integrating Chinese in everyday activities like cooking with Grandma, and has a variety of ways for children to learn - the DVD story, a book that can be ready anywhere, and flash cards that let children learn at their own pace. I highly recommend Let’s Go Guang! for teaching the children in your life Mandarin Chinese with fun and creativity!”
-B. Gilbert-Chen