Behind the Scenes at Our Visit to NYC’s MOCA with Tristin and Tyler

We had a blast during our visit to the Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA) with 8 year old twins Tristin and Tyler of the “Tristin & Tyler’s Tales of the City” show!  We talked about Chinese New Year, why we love MOCA, and taught some Chinese along the way.  As detailed by their mom Tiffany, @TiffanysToyBox, here are some highlights from our visit below.  Stay tuned for our episode!

(Taken directly from Tiffany’s Take Behind the Scenes post on January 16, 2012)

Chinese New Year is January 23, 2012 and it’s the year of the Dragon! To celebrate, Tristin and Tyler went to the Musem of Chinese In America (MOCA) in Chinatown to learn more about Chinese culture and to meet with Karen Wu Audi, co-founder of aha!Chinese, a company that creates educational products that make learning the Chinese language and culture easy and fun for kids.


Let’s Go Guang! Chinese for Children learning kit: aha!Chinese has created a fun learning kit that includes a DVD with animated stories, an audio CD, reference guide, a story book and two sets of flashcards for practice and game playing. Learning Chinese has been such a fun challenge for Tristin and Tyler!


Why not? I am a big supporter of anything that exposes the boys to another culture — something new that they will not learn at home.


We were happy to visit MOCA and learn all about Chinese culture with Karen as our guide! Not only is MOCA an amazing museum with great interactive exhibits on Chinese history and culture, MOCA has lots of fun family events including Famly Drop-in Arts and Crafts days to celebrate the Lunar New Year! YAY CRAFTS!

Make sure to head over to MOCA on either January 16th or the 23rd between 2-4pm to learn how to make a Zodiac Animal Puppet! Visit the MOCA website here for more information.

Make sure to tune into our episode this week with Karen at MOCA! AND visit to get 25% off of aha!Chinese products by using the promotional code T&TSave25!

How cool is that!?


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