Best Online Retailers for Chinese Language and Cultural Products

With the holidays quickly approaching, you’re probably thinking about great gift ideas, including ones that might create a little foreign language fun for the young people in your lives. The following is our list of favorite online retailers of materials to learn Chinese.

China Sprout ( China Sprout is one of the largest distributors of both Chinese educational and cultural materials. It originally began as a distributor to service the needs of families with children adopted from China, and has grown to address the needs of all families interested in Chinese and Chinese culture.

China Books ( China Books is the oldest and largest publisher, importer and distributor of books from and about China to North America. Founded in 1960 by Henry Noyes, the son of missionaries in China, China Books was the sole provider of books from Mainland China before the 1980s.

Child Book ( Child Books is the distributor of a large amount of quality materials to teach Chinese. The owners started the company as they were trying to raise their own child to be trilingual in America.

Asian Parent ( Asian Parent has a large selection of Chinese books for children up to 12 years old.  The founder grew the company out of her own love for books and love of reading to her 2 children.

Cheng & Tsui ( Cheng & Tsui is a leading publisher of language textbooks for Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Arabic.

Asia for Kids ( Founded in 1994, Asia for Kids sells over 3000 materials to learn Asian languages and about the different Asian cultures. It also produces and publishes a number of its own materials.

Panda Books ( Panda Books distributes over 1000 Chinese materials, including all of the latest cartoon series out of China. In addition to their online store, they also hold Chinese language book fairs at schools throughout the SF Bay Area.

Finally, we won’t be shy and will add ourselves to the list.

 aha!Chinese (  identifies, creates, and distributes distinctive educational products that make learning Chinese language fun and easy.  Let’s Go Guang! Chinese for Children is our multi-award winning Chinese language series.

Give the gift of a second language!

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