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5 Ways for Kids (and Adults) to Learn and Practice Chinese without Cracking Open a Book

Learning a foreign language can be as fun (and effective) out of the classroom, as in the classroom. With summer in full swing, we explored some alternatives to traditional textbook learning. 1) Join a playgroup. Foreign language targeted playgroups have … Continue reading

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5 Fun China Facts for Kids

Whether you’re planning a trip to China with your family, or teaching a classroom full of kids, here are some interesting facts about China’s population, geography, culture, language, and religion. See if your kids can come up with more fun … Continue reading

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Simultaneous vs. Successive Bilingualism

If you’re raising your child to learn more than one language, you may wonder which path is the best one to becoming bilingual. According to the California Department of Education, how children acquire a second language depends a lot on … Continue reading

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